“ If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. ”
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Porcupine Plain Museum
Porcupine Plain Museum




10 am-5pm

Note: These are summer times (July to August).

About Us

Porcupine Plain and District Museum has a long history in the Town of Porcupine Plain. The museum was first started in 1968/69 by Harry & Margaret Salmond and family. The Salmond’s had a Curiosity Shop out on their farm. They decided to donate their treasures to make a museum for the Porcupine Plain and District. The Museum has since been designated as a Heritage Site.

Porcupine Plain and District Museum offers thousands of different authentic articles open to the public to come and view. It has everything from wood burning stoves and antique machinery and an antique truck, to collectable dishes, cutlery and traditional clothing. It also includes a bird display which shows hundreds of birds from the Porcupine Plain and Somme area.




Porcupine Plain & District Museum has a soldier settlement that includes a log house, church, and schoolhouse. All are fully furnished with articles of that time. Also there is a display in the main building of uniforms and accessories, photos and other artifacts pertaining to the soldiers.

The homestead log house was constructed in the 1920’s by Pete Lier and Art Wagstaff. The house, along with all of the inner articles, have been preserved in the memory of the settlers.

Also at the Museum is the St. Anne’s – St. David’s Church. It was constructed in Somme in 1942 with money donated from England for an Anglican Mission.

Also an interest to many tourists is the one room Swampy Lake School. It was in working operation from 1936 to 1963 and educated 16 to 60 students per year.

Porcupine Plain & District Museum is famous for its genuine lace pillow collection. There are only four truly authentic pillows in Canada, and Porcupine Plain is the proud guardian of one of these.

Porcupine Plain & District Museum is an excellent place to take your family to learn more about the settlers of this district.

Admission to the Museum is Free of Charge. It is located at the West end of Elm Street and is open  from the first Sunday in July to the long weekend of September.  Hours are:  Sunday-Thursday 10am- 5pm, closed Friday and Saturdays. 

- See more at: http://porcupineplain.com/visitors/recreation/museum/#sthash.LfAjntza.dpuf

Porcupine Plain Museum

Blacksmithing is the art of creating tools and objects from various metals. It is an age old practice commemorated in the museum with this display. 

Porcupine Plain Museum

Trapping was a major part of the pioneer way of life. Our museum hosts a lot of trapping memorabilia, along with this replicate of a trapping lodge.

Porcupine Plain Museum

The soldier settlement is a large part of Porcupine's history, and is one of the largest and most diverse exhibits in our museum.

Porcupine Plain Museum

Porcupine Plain District Museum has a large bird featuring many of the species within the area. Some of the birds are over 50 years old. 

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